122 DAYS

https://G59Records.com [VERSE I: LORD OF LONELINESS] local boy making fucking global noise yes, i came to destroy sold out shows around the globe twice now i feel like a fucking viceroy i do never say no to whatever drugs i always enter the void when it is time and i die make sure i'm buried in FTP corderoy $uicideboy$ most avoided most ignored i like their old stuff from before who am i Freud? i'm no who i thought i was anymore i'm not like you i don't want the life you live i don't want the wife and kids i don't want to die and miss all the things that sailed around me [VERSE II: BANNY DA PINT DRINKER] ask me if i'm happy? stupid motherfucking question no pity needed fighting grown men i was seven what's happening? running drugs up on my bike you know i had a weapon then them drugs became my obsession nobody can say they gave me a fucking thing got it out the mud now i'm a G.O.D. born southside west bank living legend reborn yung christ this your fucking day of reckoning northshide shawty off the porch sipping dip lil slick wanna quit life overrated as shit everyday eating sticks gotta wash it down and when i wash it down you know what it's with i just want some happiness to live a normal life again sleep late and do nothing talk to my cousin like he actually my cousin

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