BRING OUT YOUR DEAD [VERSE I: YUNG MUTT] used to smoke crack now i count fucking racks mack daddy smack licking a powder bag back on my bullshit white benz coupe fit 3 in the back and that's not including your bitch, too shit mutt hit the blunt like a bum slick in the cut with a cut no we never gave a fuck here i come suck it up bitch i'm fucked lead in the brain i got tar in the lungs threads full of stains in my car fucking slumped nothing to gain i got nothing but bad fucking luck lean the seat back as i swerve and i crash yeah theres blood mixed with glass as my dreams turn to black i'm ash put em in the back no strap in the backpack just a bunch of trash told zac: if we ever fell off with G59 or FTP let's just be terrorist n blow up on NBC [VERSE II: TONY WIT DA TOMMY] this for any pussy boy wanna act up find yourself dead with no guts voice in my head saying "kill yourself" so so so i wrote a note hot boy turned cold to whom it may concern fuck you and the world nurse these xanax anxiety on panic fuck fuck FUCK i got to go i got a 60 pack waiting at home feel like a zombie i'm all alone everyone clones please tell your bitch to stop hitting my phone before i put the .45 at your dome lil bitch hollow tips to the whole motherfucking game hollow tips gonna insert in my brain

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