NICOTINE PATCHES [HOOK: LIL LONELY] hol up wait all of my heroes are rotting in their fucking graves one day i will forget their names [VERSE I: LIL REMAINS] when i was 27 every night i had dreams to die now i'm 28 feeling more dead than alive 29 in a month all my idols fucking dead got a check more or less just another problem bringing 400 degrees no limit/cash money half a milli bands in cash i feel like cash money popped a xan couldnt tell you when i forget fuck a friend all i need is scrim and my kin days looking grim goosebumps on my skin hope the reaper coming hope my demise begin fill my veins with heroin poking through my skin this is the end all the way [HOOK] [VERSE II: LIL LONELY] one day i'll become the same a pile of ashes forgotten in a vase wrap my chain around the base and then put it on display flashing lights they shine so brightly until there's blackouts every night see shattered glass rain from the sky beware my drip that shit so blinding white gold blade on a bright gold chain ruby da cherry been hated so why the fuck would i not stay the same every step that ruby take is like he walking on a plank let the waves crash down let them take me to my grave ain't no way my gang ain't grey thousands of people are shouting for $UICIDE to save the day roll up in the tank fuck the fame remember my name until your memory fades documenting the plague until my dying day

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